Prayer | Pastoral Care

Prayer is important in our relationship with God and one another. Let us know if you would like us to pray for you or with you.
Your prayers are precious to those who request prayer support.
If you would like to pray for others, you can join our Park Chapel Prayer Wall on Facebook or pick up a printed prayer list at Connecting point - they are updated weekly.
If you are experiencing an illness or facing a medical procedure and would like a pastoral visit, please let us know!

Click here to schedule a complimentary counseling session with licensed therapist, Jason Gantt. Mention "Park Chapel" in the referral section!
If you have any other questions about counseling resources, contact Park Chapel's Director of Adult Ministry, Lance Conway.

Additional Counseling Referrals:

Carol Bither Counseling Services
317-442-7055 |

Crucible Counseling Center
317-598-1580 |

Eagle Creek Counseling
Trisha Knight & Laura Hickman
317-293-5563 |

Family Counseling Associates
Diane Petry
317-585-1060 |

Groff & Associates
Jason Gantt
317-474-6448 |

Lives Transforming
317-548-2146 |

Origins Family Counseling
317-649-4311 |

Providence Behavioral Group
Brad Dobson
317-934-0002 |

Restoration Counseling
317-710-7772 |