Sunday morning messages from God's Word

The truth of the Bible is powerful and life-changing. For this reason we offer two expressions of worship to maximize our one mission of connecting people to Jesus. We invite you to check out both of our services and join us in a conversation about Jesus. 

The Promise of Heaven God is faithful to his promises. He fulfilled the promise to raise Jesus from the dead and and he will fulfill the promise to raise us from dead with new, resurrection bodies. Heaven is a place that God will bring to earth. There will be a new heaven and new earth where all believers will live for eternity. There is a current heaven, which is God’s space, and there will be a future heaven where heaven and earth come together and where Jesus is the center. Here we will experience the ultimate form of joy and happiness in a perfect relationship with God and others. Heaven will be a global fellowship of believers. Here God makes all things right and brings all of creation into its right condition.



#1 "His Promise" Danny Curry 9.09.
#2 "His Presence" Danny Curry 9.16.18

Sermon Notes

A special experience featuring more time of worship, reflection, prayer, Scripture reading, active expressions of worship, communion emphasis, testimony/interviews etc. ​LABOR DAY WEEKEND

The Crossing Service 9.02.2018
Solid Ground Service 9.02.2018

What’s the Lord’s Prayer? How does it start? Our Father who art in heaven...that’s a prayer Jesus taught us to pray. But we find in John 17 an actual prayer that Jesus prayed. Near the end of his ministry. He focuses his prayer on a few key concepts that he wants his disciples to know mattered to him the most. If these things are in the prayer life of Jesus, then perhaps it’s a good idea to make sure they are in ours as well. How Jesus prayed. Praying more like Jesus.​ ​The Jesus way to pray. Learning how to pray more like Jesus. Making our prayers more like his. Learning to pray like Jesus.



#1 "A Prayer of Glory" Danny Curry 8.5.18
#2 "A Prayer of Protection" Danny Curry 8.12.18
#2 "A Prayer of Protection" Dave Woods 8.12.18
#3 "A Prayer of Growth" Jud Weece 8.19.18
#5 "A Prayer of Action" Danny Curry 8.26.18

Sermon Notes

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