Truths from God's Word

The truth of the Bible is powerful and life-changing. For this reason we offer two expressions of worship to maximize our one mission of connecting people to Jesus. We invite you to check out both of our services and join us in a conversation about Jesus. 

Sacrifices that please God. From Hebrews 13:10-16. A next step out of this series would be to consider where we can serve in order to give back to our God who has given us so much. In response to Grace. Sacrifice-->higher purpose. Give Back. Costly. Response, Reply Story of Abraham and Isaac. “On the Mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” What do we have to offer by way of sacrifice that he hasn’t already provided. What God wants... God gives.


#1 "A Costly Sacrifice " Danny Curry May. 06, 18
#2 "A Pleasing Sacrifice " Danny Curry May. 13, 18
#2 "A Pleasing Sacrifice " David Woods May. 13, 18
#3 "A Living Sacrifice " Danny Curry May. 20, 18

It is God ruling the lives of men. Those who are ruled by God are the Kingdom of God.​ Kingdom is also the demonstration of God’s rule through miracles, signs and wonders. Jesus also used “kingdom” to refer to those who followed him, the members of his movement. His disciples were now to literally be the kingdom of God by demonstrating his presence and power in their lives.” To say the kingdom of God is here/near: “You have seen God in action. Through us God is now ruling here. Satan has been defeated. The miracles you have just witnessed are proof of it. The disciples words were verified by the miracles God performed.” The parables are revealing/conveying what life is like in the kingdom--what life is like when God rules in our hearts and lives.


#3 "Treasures & Mustard Seeds" Danny Curry Apr. 29, 18
#2 "Wheat and Weeds" Danny Curry Apr. 22, 18
#2 "Wheat and Weeds" David Woods Apr. 22, 18
#1 "Seed and Soil" Danny Curry Apr. 15, 18