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PC Global Outreach

Taking the transforming grace and truth of Jesus to the world

Blessed to be a blessing!

From the first book to the last, the Bible tells us God’s story and invites us to join him in taking his transforming grace and truth to all nations. [Matt. 28:18-20]

We’re all in! We are compelled and committed to tell people about Jesus; teach people to believe, trust and obey Jesus; start churches centered on Jesus; and love like Jesus as we meet physical and spiritual needs. We seek God’s leading and leadership as we partner with ministries around the world. We consider it a tremendous joy to be used by God for His great purpose!

What is our focus? Per Global Frontiers Missions, we know that over 40% of the world has limited or no access to the Gospel message. That is roughly 3.23 billion people! We seek to help establish indigenous communities of believers that will take root and grow, especially within these unreached and unengaged peoples of the world. We want to help them reach out to their families, friends, country and beyond with the life-changing good news of Jesus.

How do we engage with our ministry partners? The Park Chapel family is actively involved in showing God’s love to people in our community, around the country and all over the world. We have deep relationships with many of our ministry partners. We learn from each other, engage in trips to the mission field, provide encouragement and financial resources to our partners, hold each other up in prayer, and seek to fulfill God’s mission for us as we Connect People to Jesus…together.