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Elder Update 10.23.20

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Update from Park Chapel Elders | October 23, 2020


God continues to work among us! Here are some more stories of ministry and God’s touch on our lives that we’d like to share.


I started praying where God wanted me to serve when I moved from New Palestine to Greenfield three years ago. I kept walking past a place called The Landing and each time God prompted me to call or stop, but every time they were closed!! A year went by. Then I heard a band playing in the square. I went to listen and learned it was a recovery walk. The Landing was there and speaking on habits, hang ups and addictions!! From that day I have been serving on Wednesday nights among a life-changing group of people that are deeply passionate about helping to educate and help in our community with addiction recovery and much more. We love on kids that have no one to listen to, nor love on them. Park Chapel, for the first time, had a table at the September 26 walk. There was music, food trucks and a band, as well as speakers. [Wendy’s invitation to all of Park Chapel to join her there was made on a Park Chapel Facebook post.]

When God prompts you!!! Don’t give up!! That prompting is your greatest blessing!!! Blessings to you all, Wendy Parish


“Thank you for your ongoing financial support of the Hancock County Food Pantry (HCFP). Park Chapel has been a faithful financial partner with us as we serve our hungry neighbors. HCFP is now in our 26th year – and we still operate as a 100% volunteer organization. We are currently serving 500-600 families each month and are seeing a large increase in new families as this COVID pandemic continues. The need for our services has never been greater. We are SO thankful that Park Chapel chooses to support us as we serve. Without you we are not able to do what we do. Thank you again for your support, The Board of Directors of the HCFP.


It was a Saturday morning, September 19 at 10 a.m. that Rebecca Gortemiller arrived at Park Chapel with her family to make the confession of her faith in Jesus and to be baptized by myself and Katryna Coonce, Student Ministry Staff. Rebecca had been baptized as an infant in the faith tradition of her family. On this day though, her parents and brother were there to witness her trust in Jesus Christ displayed by making her personal confession of faith in Christ and entering the waters of baptism. Assisting us was Baird Hill, a long-time friend of Marta, Rebecca’s mother. Baird had invited Marta to attend Park Chapel with her over a year ago and Marta then added her daughter to our cancer prayer list. 

I met with Rebecca during the summer as she was struggling against an aggressive illness that was merciless in its quest. Rebecca is a young mom with many reasons for wanting to win in a seven-year battle against her cancer. She desired to personally learn how faith in Jesus looked in the struggles of life. Faith always looks and acts like trust! Sin acts very much like cancer. It takes physically and emotionally everything it can -- with no mercy. But trust looks like Hebrews 11! The heroes of faith acted out their personal faith by the actions they took! The consequences resulted sometimes in the losing of their lives -- always with the promise of resurrection into eternal life with Christ! Rebecca desired to personally express her faith in Jesus Christ! She wanted God to know that it was her personal choice to name Jesus as her Savior and Lord. And that’s what she did! Faith in Jesus always wins in the battles of life, but not always in ways that we would choose.

What is the difference between faith and belief? Belief is agreeing that something is true or possible, like believing that it is possible for a person to walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls pushing a wheelbarrow. Faith (trust) is actually getting in the wheelbarrow as the person walks the tightrope! Trusting Jesus is taking his words as truth and obeying them. Faith requires actions! In scripture, the initial actions of faith include obeying God’s commands, like repentance for sin; confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, being baptized in the waters of baptism. Baptism is really a testimony of identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus! (Acts 2: 37 – 41; Romans 3: 21 – 28; Romans 10: 9, 10; Romans 6: 3 – 11). It is Luke who records one of the clearest statements of Jesus regarding faith. In Luke 7, a Roman centurion sent some Jewish elders to Jesus on behalf of his very ill servant. Jesus went with them but was stopped short of the centurion’s house by some of his friends. The friends gave Jesus the message that the centurion felt he was not worthy to have Jesus come into his house, but that Jesus only needed to “say the word and let my servant be healed.” Jesus was amazed by the Roman officer’s words and noted “…not even in Israel have I found such faith!” Rebecca’s baptism on September 19 is another example of how faith looks and acts! 


The Fall season of Connect Groups kicked off in September. We are celebrating that we have 46 Connect Groups currently meeting with approximately 360 adults participating! Are you connected?


In September we provided an update to let you know the impact of this very unusual year on our church finances. Below is financial information for Park Chapel through the third quarter

Approved 2020 Budget          $ 3,050,000          

This budget total included line items for 3 months of building payments ($56,250) and for 9 months of future building payments/savings ($168,740) for a total of $225,000.


Actual Giving (Jan 1 – Sept 30, 2020) $ 1,848,361          

Actual Expenses (Jan 1 – Sept 30, 2020)    $ 1,748,125          

Surplus                              $ 100,236          

Most of the savings is due to some staff positions not being filled until June/August, plus no building payment being required.                        


PayCheck Protection Program (PPP) $ 184,000          

Park Chapel applied for and received PPP from the government. Those funds are not included as income in the “actual giving” figure but are included as part of the “cash on hand” figure below.


Avg Weekly Giving Pre Covid for 2020     $ 50,246

Avg Weekly Giving Post Covid      $ 46,408          

Avg Weekly Giving thru 9-30-2020  $ 47,392          


Revised Weekly Budget Need 2020 $ 47,278          

The revised budget reflects early 2020 budget savings but does not include funding for the Lead Discipleship Pastor nor any building savings. The Local & Global Outreach budget in 2020 is 25% of the 2019 giving. Those funds ($767,500) are fully available and will be distributed as expected.                                                        


Cash on Hand

 for Operating Budget (as of 9/30/20) $ 438,880          

Building Fund                      $ 1,743,096          

Emergency and Savings Fund         $ 254,406

Our Building Fund is invested and earning interest and the Elders are still committed to use these funds when our building addition and renovation plans can move forward in God’s timing.                                   


Average Weekly Attendance – In Person                            

August                           310         

September                          370         



Park Chapel replaced 3 HVAC units in the kids wing in September. A budgeted expense, these units were 26 years old and it was time to cycle them out. AND, the Kids Wing is painted and updated fully for our next season of ministry!

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