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UPDATE: 3/30/2020 | online services through april

All church services will continue ONLINE through the end of April. Connect with us on Sundays at 9am on Facebook or website.

  1. The church building remains closed until we get another update from our leaders in government.
  2. The church phone (317) 462-4513 will ring to Claudean if you need something.
  3. The church will host NO onsite events through the end of April. If you have questions about this, contact the church by phone.
  4. We are still here for you! Connect with us via our staff page or contact us form.
3.29.20 UPDATE

Kids Ministry Update

A Message from Stephanie

Student Ministry Lesson 3.29.2020

Jesus in fearful times with Tami Neighbors

Questions for Students

Let’s examine the concepts explored in the devotion through the stories of fellow Christians who faced many hardships and fears in their lives. The Hiding Place is a book on the life of Corrie ten Boom, written by her and John and Elizabeth Sherrill. This is the biographical record of the life of Corrie ten Boom, whose family was active in underground efforts to save Dutch Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland. 

Take a look at the following YouTube video which is an excerpt from The Hiding Place and answer the questions below. The Hiding Place: 

  1. What are your first impressions of the story shared in the video? 
  2. What does this story tell us about people? 
  3. What does this story tell us about Jesus?
  4. What were the fears and worries Corrie and Betsie had?
  5. What are some fears you have that you need to give to God in prayer?
  6. What were the things the ladies gave thanks for? 
  7. What are things you can give thanks to God for in prayer?
  8. Did Jesus guard Corrie and Betsie’s hearts and give them peace beyond understanding? Give examples of their actions and/or words that lead you to your answer.
  9. What did the ten Boom sisters do that was Christ-like in the story? How did they serve Him?
  10. How can you serve and do God’s will during these uncertain times?

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