COVID-19 Health Update

Church family,
We are still in the midst of a challenging season in life and ministry. Our communities and families are facing difficult times
and have many hard choices to make. Over the last several weeks, many schools within our community have recently incorporated
the use of masks and social distancing. These are not easy decisions and often come with harsh criticism and opposition.
We are committed to be in prayer for our leaders at every level - our communities, our state, and our nation.

After much thought and prayer, we recognize that God has given the responsibility for making health decisions
to the individual and the family. It has been agreed upon that we will continue with our current practice
of supporting individuals and families to make decisions for themselves and those in their home.
We trust that you are navigating these wearisome times with a high level of care, prayer, and wisdom.
We are praying for you as we trust God together.

-Park Chapel Elders