A Day in the Life of a Child

On September 21, journey through our Global Village

This is a UNIQUE opportunity for YOU and your FAMILY! Journey through India, Thailand, Haiti, Kenya, and the Middle East to experience the challenges and joy of children in third world countries.

Saturday, September 21, click below to secure the range of your arrival time:

Meet in the Worship Center upon arrival.

Your journey through the Global Village will take approximately one hour.

What is it like to tote water daily?

What is the most common meal those living in poverty might eat?

You have 5 brothers and sisters. Who gets to go to school?

What is a refugee camp like?

You have 5 people in your family and one motorcycle. How do you travel?

Do you think YOU could live (or even eat) on $5.00 a day?

End of the Road Emporium!

Sign-up as a pen pal, create a drawing for a child overseas, talk to missionaries, eat, take a picture! A wonderful way to engage after your journey.