The Domain of Darkness

December 15, 2015 | Author: Sarah Winger | Category: Glory to God

The kingdom of darkness perpetuates my life

Lonely, sad and dark

Hanging on by a thread

Her soul is essentially nothing but Dead.

How to overcome

The bottom of the bottom

Who is this Person?

Simply existing in this life.

Someone should more than exist.

Simply jaded

Always hated.

Never seemingly to be loved by anyone

Loved by anyone

Confusing thoughts invade her mind,

Making her deaf, numb and dreadfully blind

How to overcome

How to overcome

She’s lost in the crowd

Finding someone who wants her

Then starts to wander,

Wander this life away.

This life is hard, harder than ever

Take the pain away

It encircles and revolves

Always involved in her life

Never cease to exist,

Never cease to exist.

The air is thick

The sun is seemingly bright

Too much pain,

Still not enough light.

Pain invades, as numbness surrounds.

Feels as though she’s flying

With no wings.


Who will save her soul?

Who will save her soul?


"This poem was written at a very low point in my life. The only one to save me was Jesus. I could've searched my whole life but nothing compares to Jesus".  

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