Sundays with Adam

November 10, 2015 | Author: Marciann McClarnon | Category: All Church

Several years ago, Kelli Payne noticed a posting at Park Chapel for the Special Needs Ministry. She followed her heart and reached out to learn more. Her training in this area seemed to be a good fit for the wishes of this group. She was paired with a student, Adam, and became his “Buddy”.

I meet Adam every Sunday at the door. After I chat with his dad, Adam and I are off to class. He is thriving in this environment. Adam is a wonderful Bible scholar and really knows and loves the stories. He gets so excited participating in discussions.      

Kelli Payne, Buddy

Park Chapel is blessed with a team of members who are active in the Special Needs Ministry. This group was created about two years ago and is constantly changing to better meet the needs of Park Chapel. One of the aspects of this ministry is the Buddy Program in which Kelli contributes. Currently, there are about twelve participants in this program. In addition, this ministry has a pool of “Buddies” on hand each Sunday to offer support at a moment’s notice.

We are ready each Sunday morning to help those who may be struggling with emotional issues like divorce, death….and other storms of life. In addition to prearranged Buddies, we have volunteers ready to match up instantly with someone going through a difficult time.  We also host a bi-yearly respite experience where family members can participate in a program from 3-7 PM. Fun activities and a meal are offered. This gives a break to caregivers while providing a safe and enjoyable experience for their family participant.     Carole Miller, Special Needs Program Coordinator

As far as Kelli and Adam, it’s a match made in heaven. Kelli feels that God has called her to this ministry. She is currently training to expand her role with Adam through a weekly respite program independent of Park Chapel.

Every good recipe has just the right ingredients. This is the right time for me to be in Adam’s life; I can’t imagine not seeing him every week. This is where God wants me to be.    

Kelli Payne, Buddy

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