He Called. I Answered

October 22, 2015 | Author: Larry Hopkins | Category: Adults

I started listening to God again in July of this year. I heard his voice in so many ways – through literature, scripture, and the sweet words of my girlfriend.

There were signs. God was actively talking to me with clarity and vision I’ve never really known. Recently, he had told me that I needed to be baptized again. After reading scripture about baptismal emersion, I knew this was the path I should take. I knew in my heart that this would provide an opportunity to show my obedience and glorify God. My prayers had been answered.

My walk with the Lord actually began many years ago in 1984 at church camp. My young heart was filled with joy. Sixteen years later, I was again baptized; this time at Brandywine Church. A bump in my path occurred a decade later. My faith had wavered. I had lost my spiritual compass.

And now I am once again renewed. I was baptized a few weeks ago here at Park Chapel. I am at an amazing spiritual point in my life. The Lord and I enjoy a wonderful life dialogue. He is with me always. I know this relationship is a tremendous gift and I recognize this miracle.

Praise God!

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