The Crossing | Reset

The Crossing | Reset

Reset--Starting over. Getting focused. It’s a series about resetting our focus on following Jesus and investing our lives in making his mission happen on earth as it is in heaven. Being disciples and making disciples by renewing our commitment to learn from Jesus, love like Jesus and live for Jesus.  

  • January 07

    Follow Me

    Matthew 4:18-22
    Danny Curry

    Discipleship is a lifelong relationship of trusting Jesus as our leader. Follow Me. Three critical elements to the idea of following Jesus--a personal invitation, a deliberate decision, and a separation of what we were following before. The decision to follow requires a commitment. Following implies an ongoing endurance--to keep on following.

  • January 14


    Matthew 11:28-30
    Danny Curry

    Discipleship is a process of learning from Jesus. The phrase follow me means that we are signing on for Jesus to be our teacher and that we will submit ourselves to his teaching.

  • January 21

    Love CR

    John 13:34-35
    Danny Curry

    Discipleship is a process of loving like Jesus.  When Jesus says, "I'll show you how to fish for people," he is saying there is a unique way he wants us to impact the people around us.  His way is love.