The Crossing | All the Difference in the World

The Crossing | All the Difference in the World

As human beings we were created in the image of God for the purposes of God. How we view our money matters.

  • November 06


    Psalms 24:1
    Danny Curry

    God owns everything. I am responsible for what he has entrusted to me. This sermon establishes the basic framework for understanding “stewardship”--everything I have comes from God. It is ultimately his and he has entrusted it to me. God knows what we need and he knows what we can handle. God distributes wealth because he wants it to be a blessing. How we handle it (with responsibility) determines what kind of a blessing it will be. When we handle it in such way that we prioritize giving/generosity we are maximizing/multiplying the blessing of God in and through our lives.

  • November 13


    Matthew 25:14-30
    Danny Curry

    God gave it to me to make the most of it for Him. “My money” is not really “my money.” So what I do with it needs to be about more than just “me.” Jesus teaches this parable to show us that we are accountable to the one who gave us our resources. EVERYONE operates this way--it’s just that not everyone acknowledges that God is the source of all we have. Most people feel like they are only accountable to themselves for what they do with their financial resources. But we believe we are accountable to God in EVERY area of our lives, including but not limited to our money issues. 

  • November 20


    Colossians 3:23-24
    Danny Curry

    God promises to reward faithful managers. Jesus shows us through the parables of the kingdom that faithful stewards who do the Master’s will with the Master’s resources will be rewarded incompletely in this life, but fully in the life to come. The larger view of stewardship connects everything we do with what God is doing.

  • November 27

    Vision Sunday

    Danny Curry David Woods