Solid Ground | Road Trip

Solid Ground | Road Trip

3:16. Simple numbers separated by a simple punctuation mark. As written, the number could be telling you the time of day. When preceded by the name of a book of the Bible, like “John 3:16” for example, the number becomes a kind of address or coordinates on a map that point you to the location of truth that God is revealing to us. Not every book in the Bible has a 3:16, and not every 3:16 is as helpful or relevant as the next. But there are a surprising number of meaningful 3:16 passages that offer us valuable insights that are worth exploring together, discovering truths along the way.

  • June 05

    A Great Love

    John 3:16
    David Woods

    God loves us and wants us to have eternal life. The most famous passage of Scripture in the entire Bible is John 3:16. And for good reason. It captures the scope of the entire Gospel in one succinct sentence. For God so loved...He gave...we believe...we live. Why do you give a gift? Because you want the person to have it. God gave us a gift for the very same reason, he wants us to have it. It is the gift of eternal life. And this gift is for everybody...who is willing to receive it.  

  • June 12

    An Unlimited Resource

    Luke 3:16
    David Woods

    Jesus gives us the Spirit and the Spirit gives us what we need to live for Jesus.     

  • June 19

    A Strong Name

    Acts 3:16
    David Woods

    Faith in Jesus opens us up to what God wants to give us. Peter and John encounter a crippled beggar who asks them for money. They do not have money to give him. But they give him something far more valuable--complete healing in the name of Jesus. “What’s in a name?” the old saying goes, but this question is especially worth asking when it comes to the powerful name of Jesus. The name of Jesus has to do with his authority. And placing our faith under his authority has far reaching implications in every area of our lives, including those areas where we are in desperate need of healing.

  • June 26

    An Undivided Church

    1 Corinthians 3:16
    Mike Canny

    The church is sacred and we should handle her with care. Paul describes the church as “God’s temple.” He challenges the believers in Corinth to elevate their view of the sacredness of the church. He compares acts of division within the church to “destroying the temple.” That sounds serious--and means that we must take great care in our interactions with our church family. In our day and age, we tend to have a take it or leave it attitude toward the church. But we are challenged to care more about the church as a whole than we do any of our own individual preferences. We need to be willing to set aside our own selfishness for the sake of the greater good of our church community. 

  • July 03

    A Firm Grip

    Philippians 3:16
    David Woods

    If we are going to keep the faith, we have to hold on tight. In just a moment of foolishness, a person can throw away a lifetime of faithfulness. We must be diligent to remain faithful and stay strong in our spiritual walk. We live in a culture that attacks our convictions and can erode our faith. If we are going to keep the faith we have to hold on to it tightly. Christians around the world are willing to die for their faith in Jesus. What are we doing with our faith?

  • July 10

    A Warm Welcome

    Colossians 3:16
    Kenny Gooch

    Obedience is the best way to respond to God’s Word. We are to have so much of God's Word in our lives that it overflows. We are to welcome the word of Christ into our lives. There is a big difference between hearing Scripture and welcoming it, inviting it in, and embracing it.

  • July 17

    A Better Way

    1 John 3:16
    Danny Curry

    Our focus in any relationship should be on what we can give to it not what we can get from it. What keeps us from laying down our lives? According to James 3:16, envy and selfish ambition. But there is a wisdom from heaven (the best way to approach our relationships) that is described in James 3:17. So a great prayer for who we want to be in every situation and all of our interactions is 2 Thessalonians 3:16. By this we know what real love is…  The world has a way (worldly wisdom) that is all about what you can get for yourself but there is a better way that came from heaven that is all about what you can give away.

  • July 24

    A Stern Warning

    Revelation 3:16
    David Woods

    It’s all in or nothing. These are the words of Jesus given to the church in Laodicea as a rebuke of their being “lukewarm”. We must take a sincere look at our “half-heartedness” and decide if we really want to be devoted to the Lord or not. He is not impressed by our outward appearances, he is focused on the true condition of our hearts before him. And he knows-- “I know you inside and out” (3:15 MSG). Our self-reliance repulses God. God wants you to depend on Him, that is the essence of winning faith. A faith that is going to overcome in the long run is a faith that is learning to depend on God.