Solid Ground | Remind Me

Solid Ground | Remind Me

Remembering who God is, what He said, and what we’re missing.

  • June 04

    Remember... Who God Is

    Deuteronomy 4:32-40
    David Woods

    Only God is worthy of our ultimate allegiance. As we give God what belongs to him, we show the world around us who God really is and that he alone is worthy of worship. We all have something at the center of our lives. Something that gets our ultimate allegiance. That “something” is the god we worship. Just like the nation of Israel, the culture around us offers us many false gods. We need to remember who God is and keep him at the center of our lives.

  • June 11

    Remember... God's Words

    Deuteronomy 6:1-9
    Mike Canny

    When we learn God’s words, we will know how to live. Remember God’s words...obey them! Loving God with all your heart, means giving him our undivided devotion and loyalty. Our love God is to radiate out through what we do and how we live in all areas of our lives, especially shaping our family life. Our commitment to obeying God is to be evident to everyone we do life with. Not so that they will be drawn to us, but so they will also come to an awareness of the greatness of God and commit to loving him with all their heart. Our consistent obedience to God cultivates a culture of faith in our homes. When we learn God’s words, we will know how to live. The actions of the passage--hear, commit, repeat, talk, tie, wear, write--are all about interacting with God’s words and making them the pattern of your life.

  • June 18

    Remember... God's Warnings

    Deuteronomy 8
    David Woods

    We miss out on God’s goodness when we disobey. Remember God’s warnings...they’ll protect you. Once the people experience the goodness of land, they are warned not to become arrogant and forget God’s generosity in providing what they have. God knows the temptation of the land - and of the world - that both in our plenty and in our need there is the danger of forgetting him. We don’t obey just because it is the “right thing to do” but because it is best for us!