Solid Ground | More Than Enough

Solid Ground | More Than Enough

What Jesus Offers Us

  • September 10

    What We Need

    Psalms 23:1
    Danny Curry

    Jesus gives us what we need when we need it. When all is said and done the welfare of any flock is entirely dependent upon the management afforded them by their owner. Despite an unparalleled wealth in material assets we are outstandingly insecure and unsure of ourselves and well nigh bankrupt in spiritual values. Always men are searching for safety beyond themselves. They are restless, unsettled, covetous, greedy for more -- wanting this and that, yet never really satisfied in spirit. By contrast the simple Christian, the humble person, the Shepherd's sheep can stand up proudly and boast. "The Lord is my Shepherd -- I shall not want." Jesus takes care of us by offering the most satisfying life possible. Jesus provides what we need to be fully satisfied. Jesus wants what is best for us--we can trust his leadership.

  • September 17


    Psalms 23:2
    David Woods

    Jesus provides rest when we feel worn out. The shepherd is one who takes responsibility for making the flock feel comfortable enough to lie down. He is responsible for making them feel free of fear, aggravation, uncertainty, hunger, etc. Everything the flock needs is dependent on the shepherd. Our shepherd is trustworthy and knows how to meet our needs. Our shepherd knows how to create the peace required for us to lie down, and drink deep from clean, pure, life-giving water. The Good Shepherd provides peace enough for us to rest.

  • September 24


    Psalms 23:3
    Danny Curry

    Jesus frees us when we feel stuck. When it comes to the quality of the care provided for the flock, the shepherd’s reputation is on the line. Life throws so many things at us that can cause us to be distressed and weary in our souls. David knew of these times as much or more than anybody. He looked to the Lord as his source of strength and encouragement. Many people have the idea that when a child of God falls, when he is frustrated and helpless in a spiritual dilemma, God becomes disgusted, fed-up and even furious with him. This simply is not so. Jesus provides the right help at the right time. Jesus provides care and guidance when we feel stuck in the struggles of life. Jesus gives us what we need when we feel stuck. Jesus releases us when we feel stuck.     


  • October 01


    Psalms 23:4
    Danny Curry

    Jesus is present even when we feel alone. During the summer, shepherds would drive their sheep up into the alpine heights above the timberline and to do so it was necessary to work your way up the valleys and gulches, using their edges to work higher into the mountains. This was dangerous, as the shepherd didn’t necessarily know the terrain ahead, but it was the most intimate, close time the flock would spend with the shepherd - it was just the shepherd and the sheep and no one else. Our Shepherd knows all of this when He leads us through the valleys with Himself. He knows where we can find strength, and sustenance and gentle grazing despite every threat of disaster about us. The Good Shepherd protects and disciplines his flock. The Good Shepherd comforts us with protection and discipline. Jesus protects us and disciplines/corrects us because he loves us. Jesus is with us in our times of fear and loss. We are not alone! 

  • October 08


    Psalms 23:5
    Danny Curry

    Jesus protects us when we feel vulnerable. The shepherd goes ahead of the flock to prepare the tableland. He removes poisonous weeds, cleans out water sources, brings along salt and minerals, and looks out for predators. Jesus provides the protection we need to enjoy his blessings. Jesus fills us when we feel empty. Jesus prepares a way when we feel vulnerable. Can God spread a table in the wilderness? He is up to something for our good even if we aren’t fully aware of it.

  • October 15

    Goodness and Mercy

    Psalms 23:6
    Danny Curry

    Jesus gives us goodness and mercy when we feel we have nothing to offer. All the care, all the work, all the alert watchfulness, all the skill, all the concern, all the self-sacrifice are born of His love -- the love of One who loves His sheep, loves His work, loves His role as a Shepherd. Walking with the Good Shepherd is to walk in goodness and mercy. The care provided by the Good Shepherd brings goodness and mercy. Wherever you go, is there a trace of goodness and mercy being left behind.