Solid Ground | HIStories

Solid Ground | HIStories

God is in the business of taking “our” stories and making them His, incorporating us all into the giant story that he has been telling from creation. The ins and outs and ups and downs of our lives are different, but through it all God is at work. He is calling us to Himself, redeeming the past and transforming our future. When we know God and His goodness in our lives it changes everything. We hope that the stories you hear of what God is doing in the lives of the people right around you, will give you hope as you trust God to take your history and turn it into HIS story.

  • March 12

    How the Story Changes

    2 Samuel 9
    David Woods

    This sermon focuses on the Mephibosheth story with David. The name Mephibosheth means “shame no more” or "the end of shame." Shame is not only part of his name but it shaped so much of his life and experience. David set out to show “God’s kindness” [hesed--covenant love/kindness/faithfulness] to anyone in Saul’s family. He desired to honor the pledge he had made to Jonathan and his family (1 Sam 20:14–15) David shows Mephibosheth kindness and brings an end to the shame of the house of Saul and provides him with a seat at the king’s table for life. He is rescued from shame and is treated as a son of the king. Our stories change because we’re invited to the table of the King.

  • March 19

    HIStories #1

    Danny Curry

    "HIStories is about exploring and celebrating the way that God is taking individual stories and weaving them into HIS story. We started with Mephibosheth and how God took him from an outcast enemy of the King, and sat him at the King's table. Like Mephibosheth, we are all welcomed at the table of our King, Jesus. The middle three weeks of HIStories will consist of telling HIStories of people right here in our midst. We have filmed three people telling how God has made their story HIStory. Following each video, we will have a live Q&A session. All venues will experience the same story each week. The videos feature:

    Brian McCarthy - March 19
    Mike McGill - March 26
    Annie Grinstead - April 2
    And we will conclude with a look at the pinnacle story of the scriptures: the crucifixion of the Messiah - setting us up for Easter on April 16. We hope these stories will encourage you to let the God of the universe make your story, HIStory."
  • April 09

    The Rest of the Story

    Colossians 2:13-15
    David Woods

    The cross changes our story from shame to freedom. Because of Jesus we are no longer defined by our deepest regrets and shame. We can be set free from the shame of our sin and begin to see ourselves as forgiven, free and fully alive in Christ. The focus is on who we are “in Christ.” Whenever Satan tries to remind you of your shame, remind him of the cross! Shame steals our joy, but our shame can lead us to the cross where we find grace. We fear our shame because we are afraid of being exposed, but shame exposes our need for Jesus and he sets us free to admit our brokenness and embrace his grace, freedom and life. Jesus is the Truth that frees us from shame.