Solid Ground | Greatness

Solid Ground | Greatness

Serving in the Way of Jesus  

Of all the metaphors used for followers of Jesus and his way of life, none is more paradoxical than servant. This could not be further from the way in which the world looks at greatness and authority. What does it look like for Jesus’ people to be present in the world, present in their jobs, present at their schools, present in their social gatherings, present anywhere and everywhere they go as people who serve? How could we change the world by being a people known by our service?

  • July 23

    It Will Be Different

    Mark 10:35-45
    Kenny Gooch

    True greatness is found in serving like Jesus.

  • July 30

    To Love is to Serve

    1 Corinthians 13
    David Woods

    The love required of the follower of Jesus that flows from the heart and Spirit of God is love that is self sacrificing and giving. It is typified in the Greek term agapao, which is a sacrificial, giving, without-strings-attached kind of love. Love is the best way of life, and love as described in 1 Corinthians 13 is the way of the servant - it requires the giving up of personal agenda and novelty-type sentiment and requires self sacrificing service to another. We serve like Jesus when we love sacrificially.      

  • August 06

    The Servant's Mindset

    Philippians 2:1-11
    Danny Curry

    We serve like Jesus when we take on his humble attitude. By humility, selflessness, not trying to impress, looking to the interests of others, and the power of the Spirit given us by Jesus himself we can train our minds to think like Jesus, which in turn, will lead us to serving like Jesus. We serve like Jesus when no job is too small/menial for us. More often than not now - even in the church, even devout Christians, even pastors - we choose to seek ways in which we can be honored and served, or at least ways we can work our way to the front of the line. But in the calm before the storm, in his last peaceful moments as a human being on this earth, Jesus chose to serve.

  • August 13

    Free to Serve

    Galatians 5:1-15
    Danny Curry

    We serve like Jesus when we use our freedom for the benefit of others. In Galatians 5, after Paul expounds on this freedom we’ve been given, he teaches that our freedom is not for us, it is for others. “Use your freedom to serve one another in love” (Galatians 5.13, NLT). Unfortunately, often times Christians - even in the same local body - are at each other’s throats, backbiting and being full of everything but love and service. Paul’s teaching is clear: In Christ we are free, but even the design of our freedom is to be for the service of others. 

  • August 20

    How NOT to be Great

    Matthew 18:21-35
    David Woods

    One of the ways to not be a servant is to be unmerciful. Unfortunately it’s so common for people who have been given so much, to be so inconsiderate when given the opportunity. Everyone wants mercy when they’re in need, but do we want to give mercy when we are in a position to give it? What will we choose? Will we be people of mercy even when it costs us? Will we love our neighbor as ourselves? Or will we so quickly forget of the mercy of God and demand that “they get theirs” even when we haven’t had to “get ours.” We serve like Jesus when we share the mercy we’ve been given.