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Kids Groups

Our goal is to connect your kids to Jesus. There are a million ways we could accomplish this but Park Chapel realizes that you, as a parent, have the most influence in your kid's life. Whether you're new to church or have been here for years, we want to partner with you. The church and the home are better together.

Partnering could sound like a huge responsibility, but don't worry. We know you have limited time, energy, and a schedule that is probably more full than you would like. So we have created unique environments to help your kids learn in engaging ways that they will want to talk about later.

KidsTown (Birth - Kindergarten)

Each Sunday they will learn a Bible story, sing worship songs, and participate in activities related to the story.

It is our goal that by the time your kid heads to 1st grade they will know these three basic truths:

  • God made me

  • God loves me

  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Kids also bring home a Parent Cue which gives parents a glimpse of what their kid learned and ideas for how they can continue helping their kid apply what they learned at home. KidsTown has committed volunteers who want to give these kids a first look at how much Jesus loves them.

Transit (Grades 1-6)

We focus on three BIG truths: Faith, Wisdom & Friendship. We want every kid leaving 6th grade to know that they can:

  • Trust God No Matter What

  • Make The Wise Choice

  • Treat Others The Way They Want To Be Treated.

Could it really be that simple? YES! Deep, true, meaningful faith comes from a heart that trusts God. By giving our kids these rock solid biblical truths, we can build a strong foundation for our kids maturing minds, hearts and souls.

By you, the parent, knowing these truths, you can catch your kids living their faith out. When you see your child struggling with how to treat a friend, you can remind them to think about how THEY would want to be treated. When they come home and tell you that a friend at school wanted them to short cut on homework ... YOU can be there to coach them to make the WISE CHOICE. By working together, we can have a common message for your kids of faith, wisdom and friendship.