Life Choices Care Center

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Life Choices Care Center's mission is to affirm life by sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ and His plan for sexuality, marriage and the family.  They are committed to meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of those they serve: offering hope, guidance and practical help.

Volunteer Champion:  Vicki Smith


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As a wife of forty-three years, mother of three grown and married children, and grandmother of seven, I know the important role a healthy family plays in the lives of individuals and society and how critical faith is for healthy families to thrive.

In a culture today that has little, if any, moral compass, it is important to show the love of Jesus to people who have found themselves in undesirable circumstances due to choices based on today’s culture. Life Choices has been in Hancock County helping young women who find themselves with unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, raising children on their own, in broken relationships, etc. As a volunteer I have been able to assist clients whether it be giving them a free pregnancy test and just listening to their stories with kindness and not judgment; helping them get tested for SDTs; providing formula, baby food, diapers, and baby clothes for mothers with little income; directing them toward free counseling if need be; and just offering encouragement. Whenever we have the opportunity to sit and talk to clients, the gospel of Jesus is also shared.

As a board member, it has been rewarding to see the growth of Life Choices in recent years. Goals were to bring more awareness to the community and expand services offered at Life Choices. The results are: number of clients doubled, providing free ultrasounds, hired two additional staff members, started teen recovery program that has doubled in size its first year, presenting sexual abstinence program in local schools. God has been faithful.


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