Kenya Facts and Figures

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Strategic City of Ministry: Mombasa (pop: 1 million) Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city.

Faiths: Central and western Kenya has a large nominal Christian population. About half of those are evangelical. The coastal region however, is over 50% Muslim with approximately 65% of the country’s Muslim population living in that area.

Geography: Kenya lies along the equator. Most of its people live in the fertile plateaus of the south and west. Much of the north and east is desert. There is considerable land devoted to wildlife habitats.

Official Language: English, Swahili

The People: Kenya has one of the most diverse populations in Africa. Those who claim a Christian or Muslim faith often still believe strongly in the ancestor world, where the dead have powers for good or bad over their living descendants. Villages might have a witch doctor who holds much influence over the people. Poverty is prevalent in rural areas. Nearly half of the country's 43 million people live below the poverty line or don’t have enough food to eat.