Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen

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Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen exists to Feed the Sheep of Jesus Christ regardless of their race, religion, gender, orientation, medical diagnosis, mental capacity or criminal history by providing their immediate need for nutritious meals.

Volunteer Champion:  Tiffany White

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Tiffany White changed jobs about 10 years ago, to begin the adventures of being a full time June Cleaver; that didn't work out so now I am mom/wife/homemaker. She is mom to 3 amazing, beautiful and challenging children: Tyler (11), Josie(8) and Andrew (5), and 2 dogs. She has been married to her handsome husband, Jason for 19 years. Jason is a financial adviser and lawyer so they never argue over money (That's actually true). She enjoys spending time with family, playing tennis, being outdoors and just relaxing.

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