Good News Academy

  • Category: Kenya

Park Chapel partners with the Good New Academy, located north of Mombasa along the coast of Kenya. The school and feeding center began in 2005 when the Bechtel’s met with parents to begin a school. There was room for 25 students. Several hundred children came in hopes that they might possibly be given the opportunity to go to school. From that heart-wrenching start when the resources didn’t meet the need, the center has grown year after year. Park Chapel has helped supply resources, prayer, and encouragement as the center has stepped out in faith to care for children’s minds, bodies and spirits. The school now has over 300 students. Classroom facilities are available for kindergarten to eighth grade. A secondary school for grades 9-12 (The Valerye McMillan Hope Secondary School) has been established in a nearby location. Children’s lives have changed. They have food to eat. They are receiving an education. They are learning about Jesus. Many students have decided to follow Christ and they take what they have learned home to share with their families.

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