Burkina Faso

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Capital City: Ouagadougou (pop: 996,000)

Faiths: Over 51% hold to Muslim beliefs, with nearly 30% following ethnic
religions. Approximately 9% are evangelical Christian.

Climate: Primarily tropical with a rainy season (24-35 inches) and a dry season when a hot dry wind from the Sahara blows.

Official Language: French, but other tribal dialects are spoken.

The People: Most citizens of Burkina Faso remain economically suppressed with a high illiteracy rate. Over 70% of the population live in a non-urban setting. Our missionaries, the Hausers and Gordons, work primarily among the Jula in southwest Burkina. The Jula are one of the two largest ethnic groups in the country. They live in clans -- an extremely important aspect of their lives. They express their history and devotion through the Traditions Dance and storytelling. The majority are Sunni Muslim and most of the others hold traditional animistic beliefs (non-living objects have spirits).