Brian and Tabitha Hauser

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Brian and Tabitha Hauser
Children: Sam, Will, Ana, Joseph, and Elanor

The Hausers share God's Word through biblical storytelling, a familiar method of sharing history among Burkina Faso's Jula. Brian often travels far and wide to sit with friends, share some tea, and talk about God in a way that resonates with the village people.

The family lived among the Park Chapel community while on furlough in 2013, but has now returned to Burkina with hopes to continue teaching and modeling discipleship to disciple others, begin new story groups, start new development projects, and reconnect with the people they have grown to love.

The Hausers are part of a CMFI ministry team. The team is working toward a church planting movement that is authentic, taking root in the lives of the people and producing fruit in their cultural context.